Sunday November 6th – Hope In God’s Promises

Living in the blessings of God’s promises requires that we receive them with joy.


Sunday June 26th – Prayer Point & Questions for Reflection

Prayer Point for the Week – Let us pray that the Lord would give us the desire and humility to exercise the Lord’s authority in a godly way.  

 Questions for Reflection:

In Luke 15, one of the gifts the father gives the Prodigal son is a ring which grants him the authority of the father. What insight does Matthew 10:1 give us concerning the authority the Heavenly Father gives His children? What is the scope? Does that authority exist today?

Luke 10:17 shows the danger of pride when exercising spiritual authority. What character trait is essential in demonstrating God’s authority wisely? How does Luke 10:18-20 help us to cultivate this character trait? What are some other ways that we can achieve this?

Joseph and Daniel were two men who were used by God to do extraordinary things while remaining humble. How did their understanding of the nature of supernatural gifts keep them from pride? What can we learn from this?

In Acts 19, a group of non-believers tried to invoke the name of Jesus to exorcise demons. What happen to them? Why? What does that teach us about the relationship of self-will and supernatural gifts?

Inn Matthew 17, the disciples were unable to cast a demon out of a boy. Why were they unable? What does this show us about the relationship of faith with divine authority? What is Jesus’ remedy to weak faith?