September 23rd Prayer Point and Reflection Questons

Prayer Point for the WeekLet us pray that we would find the joy that comes by ministering for the Lord at a moment’s notice.

Questions for Reflection:

The Bible tells us that people were too involved with themselves to provide shelter for His mother before His birth. How does this mirror today’s society? Why do people ignore Christ despite the importance to their immortal soul?

People of faith can fall prey to being self centered instead of being “God centered.” How does this interfere with our relationship with Jesus? How does this interfere with our witness? What are some of the signs that we have become self centered in our relationship with Christ?

Many people have a hard time asking those they have ignored or mistreated for help. Have you ever felt that way with Jesus? Read Lamentations 3:22&23. What does this us about the nature of the love of God? Read Luke 11:5-10. How should we approach Christ in our time of need?

We are called to live as Christ lived? How then should the believer treat their devotional life? How should we view the response to those requesting help in time of need?

Some say that living in a perpetual state of self denial is impossible. Why is this not an excuse for the believer? In addition to discipline/self-control, what does Galatians 5:22&23 promise to believers filled with the Spirit? According to Hebrews 12:1&2, what did Jesus specifically receive as He obeyed the Father?

Mismanaging time is on of the greatest hindrances to living the inconvenient life. What changes can you make in your life to utilize your time more wisely?

Sunday September 17th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the WeekPlease pray that churches in Eastern Connecticut would join their hearts together in prayer for revival this Fall in New England.

Questions for Reflection:

Read Matthew 16:24. How “radically” are we called to serve Jesus? Make a list of what it means to live a sold-out life for God. Now make a list detailing how you live out your faith on an average day. How does it compare?

The woman and Simon appeared to be completely different from each other. Which one was the worst sinner? Which one felt that they were the worst and why? Which one thought they were the better of the two? Why did they feel that way? How did Jesus treat them both? What does this teach uas about how God views and loves everyone?

True or false – people who do good and have good things are in right relationship with God. What does James 2:5 teach us about wealth and faith? Read Luke 18:24&25. What does this scripture teach us about the effect of riches on the sinner and their pursuit of God?

Read John 4:4-30. What did the woman do after Jesus revealed to her that He was the Messiah? How did her actions differ from those of the disciples? Read John 4:39-42. What was the response of the Samaritans? What did she possess that the disciples did not? Would you describe yourself as a disciple or the Samaritan woman? What could you do to become more like her?

The woman in Luke 7 washes, dries, kisses and anoints the feet of Jesus. How would you characterize her actions? How did Jesus contrast her actions to those of Simon? Why do you think he did not honor the Lord as the woman did? What steps can be taken to humble oneself?


Sunday September 10th – Prayer Point $ Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Please continue to pray for the residents of Florida as they deal with the hurricane.

Questions for Reflection

Some say that Jesus was an extraordinary individual and a mighty prophet but not God. Read Colossians 1:15-20. What does this verse tell us about the power and nature of Jesus Christ? Read Romans 1:18-20. In light of these scriptures what should we keep in mind about Jesus when we study His earthly ministry?

Read Luke 4:18. Is there a difference between the Holy Spirit and the Anointing? If so, what is it? What is the relationship between the Anointing and the Holy Spirit? According to Jesus, what affect did the Anointing have upon Him? How does this influence your understanding of the purpose of the Anointing in your life? How should this affect your pursuit of the Anointing?

Read John 2:27. In addition to empowerment, how does the Anointing minister to people? Why is this necessary for everyday living and spiritual growth? Read 1 John 2:18-20 & 26. What does this ministry of the Anointing protect us from? Why is this ministry increasingly important?

Romans 8:14 tells us that God’s children are those who are led by the Holy Spirit. Read Luke 4:1&2. Where did the Holy Spirit lead Jesus? What happened to Him there? What/who can we expect to encounter as we follow the Holy Spirit? Who was Jesus “filled” with as He faced temptation? How does that relate to living for Jesus today? How confident should we be in the face of temptation if we are filled with the Holy Spirit?

In Luke 4, Jesus countered Satan’s temptation with scripture. How does this tie in with the Spirit’s anointing as described in 1 John 2:27?


Sunday September 3rd – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Please continue to pray for the residents of southeast Texas as they recover from flooding.

Questions for Reflection:

Read Romans 6:1. What does that verse teach us about the expectation God has regarding our behavior after we invite Him into our lives?

Jesus said in Luke 24:46&47 that repentance is a critical part of placing one’s faith in Him. What does repentance say about one’s belief about the Lord? What does it say about their belief about themselves?

When we talk about repentance, we often think about changing our behavior. Read Matthew 5. Is simply changing our behavior enough or are we required to do more? Why is this difficult? What passions have you struggled with? How do they make you feel? How do these struggles affect your relationship with the Lord?

Read Matthew 5:16. Is repentance made up of only “thou shalt not”s or is there more to turning your life around? How does one turn to God in daily worship? How does one change in their relationship to others? How does your life reflect these do’s?

Read Galatians 5:22&23. Do these things relate to your deeds or your heart? According to this scripture, how do these sincere fruits appear in our lives?

According to Romans 8:13,the only to stop the influence of your flesh (old nature) is to kill it. What is the word of God illustrated by in Ephesians 6:17. What effect does the ministry have to “the flesh” if we wield scripture properly?

According to 1 Corinthians 14:15, how does one cultivate their relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Yard Sale Items

Our missions Yard Sale is Saturday, September 9th.

Please bring your donations to the church.

Items needed:

  • clean clothing
  • working appliances
  • furniture
  • kitchenware
  • utensils
  • shoes
  • sporting equipment
  • Christian books
  • working electronics
  • knick-knacks

Please do not bring broken items, clothing with questionable logos, undergarments or non-christian books or magazines.

Thank you!