Sunday September 17th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the WeekPlease pray that churches in Eastern Connecticut would join their hearts together in prayer for revival this Fall in New England.

Questions for Reflection:

Read Matthew 16:24. How “radically” are we called to serve Jesus? Make a list of what it means to live a sold-out life for God. Now make a list detailing how you live out your faith on an average day. How does it compare?

The woman and Simon appeared to be completely different from each other. Which one was the worst sinner? Which one felt that they were the worst and why? Which one thought they were the better of the two? Why did they feel that way? How did Jesus treat them both? What does this teach uas about how God views and loves everyone?

True or false – people who do good and have good things are in right relationship with God. What does James 2:5 teach us about wealth and faith? Read Luke 18:24&25. What does this scripture teach us about the effect of riches on the sinner and their pursuit of God?

Read John 4:4-30. What did the woman do after Jesus revealed to her that He was the Messiah? How did her actions differ from those of the disciples? Read John 4:39-42. What was the response of the Samaritans? What did she possess that the disciples did not? Would you describe yourself as a disciple or the Samaritan woman? What could you do to become more like her?

The woman in Luke 7 washes, dries, kisses and anoints the feet of Jesus. How would you characterize her actions? How did Jesus contrast her actions to those of Simon? Why do you think he did not honor the Lord as the woman did? What steps can be taken to humble oneself?