Sunday August 6th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let pray for God to use our backpack outreach to touch families with the love of Jesus.

Questions for Reflection:

In 1 Samuel 24, David had a perfect opportunity to kill his adversary, King Saul. What was the counsel of his comrades? To whom did they attribute this opportunity?  What does this teach us about how to process the counsel of others, including believers?

What assurance does Romans 8:1&2 give us when we as believers are tempted or fall into sin? How does that contrast to the way one normally feels when they fall short? How should the knowledge of this affect the way we approach God and others after failure?

The King James Version translates 1 Samuel 24:5 to say that David’s heart was smitten as opposed to be “bothered” or “conscience stricken.” Read Exodus 3:20. What intensity is suggested in the word “strike/smite?” What intensity should we expect when we entertain temptation?

To some, David’s cutting of Saul’s robe was a trivial matter. Read 1 Samuel 26:1-12. What might have David done in this instance had he not felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit? What does this tell us about the nature of temptation? How important is it for us to heed the leading of the Holy Spirit in the early stages of temptation?

How did David respond to the the conviction in his heart? Think of Judas and the end of his life. How did David’s conviction differ from Judas’ condemnation? What does true conviction produce?

Contrast David’s heart at this stage of his life with his heart in 2 Samuel 11. What was the difference? Why do you think his heart was not “smitten” as it was before? What caution does this give us?