Sunday August 20th – Prayer oint and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let pray for college students and ministries that will be starting the fall semester this week.

Questions for Reflection:

Paul believed in the importance of having a pure Gospel. Read Galatians 1:11&12. From Whom did he receive the message of Salvation? Read Galatians 1:8 to 10. What were his feelings toward those who “perverted” the Gospel? According to verse 10, what tempts people to teach a different gospel?

Some say the Gospel is “belief in a promise rather than obedience to a command.” Read Galatians 3:15-22. What emotion do laws require in order to be effective? What feelings do true promises inspire? What does this teach us about the superiority of  living by faith rather than works?

Paul says about repentance in Galatians 2 “If I rebuild what I destroyed, then I really would be a lawbreaker.” What does this teach us about the change expected in the believer’s life after he/she accepts Jesus? How does the law factor into our knowledge of sin? How does conscience? What role does the Holy Spirit have in repentance?  

Does God expect believers to keep the moral aspects of the Law? How does one transgress the spiritual aspects of the Law?  According to the Book of Galatians, what aspects of the Law are not required to be followed by believers?

Why is imposing non-biblical harmful to a person’s relationship with Jesus? How does it affect the church body? What does it do to the message and witness of the church?

Why does adding “laws” to faith appeal to people? Why would the forces of darkness try to introduce it into the church body? How does fear and pride play into legalism?