Sunday August 13th – Prayer Points and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let pray for a greater burden in the heart of the church to see our nation turn back to Christ.

Questions for Reflection:

Although David was involved in God’s decisions in 2 Samuel 24, God was primarily dealing with the nation of Israel as a whole. Read Daniel 5 and Matthew 25. What does this tell us about God’s dealings with the nations? What can nations expect from God when they are good? What should they expect if they are evil?

In 2 Samuel 24, God was angry with the nation of Israel. What makes God angry? What were the things in Israel’s history that caused God to be displeased with Israel? Since God never changes, what are His expectations for this country? How well do we as a nation in living up to God’s expectations?

We live in an age with an overabundance of information about national and world events. Why is it unhealthy to become to preoccupied with the ills and evils in the world? Why would total ignorance of national events hinder us from being “salt and light?”

There are many things that go on in our society that tempt believers to get angry. Read Ephesians 4:26. Is it to respond to  sin with anger? How should we handle our anger? How does the Cross enable us to deal effectively with anger?

David is referred to by the Lord as “a man after God’s own heart.”  According to Jesus, what is the 2nd greatest commandment? How does fulfilling this command demonstrate a heart after God? How did David fulfill this commandment in the latter part of 2 Samuel 24?