Sunday July 30 – Prayer Point & Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let pray that we would allow the power of God to do a work in and through our hearts.

Questions for Reflection:

Many people are joyful when they see someone healed of a sickness or injury. What danger presents itself in one’s heart when God does not heal them? How can this lead to bitterness? In addition to learning contentment, how hard is it for one to search for the grace of God when going through illness?

The Bible teaches us to “not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” People can sometimes react angrily to the works of God. Read John 9:18-22. What can happen when we ignore our anger? How did the religious leaders act out on their anger? What does Ephesians 4:31&32 teach us to do in order to rid ourselves of anger?

In John 9, the parents of the healed man refused to testify to the healing power of Jesus. Why? How often do you experience intimidation? Read Hebrews 13:6. Why should we never fear man?

Read John 9:24-26. Would you characterize the man’s testimony as simple or complex? How can we/should we share the miraculous deeds of God in our lives? Can we apply this principle to the works that god does in our hearts? If so, how?

What was the response of the religious leaders to this man’s healing? Why do you think they felt this way? What can we expect from people who are jealous or stubborn when God does mighty deeds?

The religious leaders followed through on their threats and threw the healed man out of the synagogue. Who was one of the first people to speak to the man? What did He say? What can we expect to happen to us when we are rejected for His sake?