Sunday June 25th – Reflection Questions and Prayer Point

Prayer Point for the Week – Let pray for that God would give us the freedom to pour out our hearts before Him in prayer and to be sensitive to the brokenness of those around us.

Questions for Reflection

1 Samuel 16:7 tells us that God looks at the heart. Read Romans 10:9&10. How important is the heart to the Lord in becoming born again? How does this relate to our prayer life? How much time do you spend preparing your heart to pray?

Psalm 51:17 tells us that God honors a contrite or a humble heart. How were people in scripture such as Moses and David humbled? In light of Matthew 6:1-8, how can we live and pray discreetly before others? What is God’s promise to those who do so?

In John 11, Jesus became emotional. What caused Him to burst out in tears the way He did? How did respond to those who were grieving? What does that tell us about the heart and will of God towards broken people? Do you feel a freedom to pour out your broken heart to God in prayer? If not, what are you missing out on from the Lord?

There were many times the Lord to those who were fearful to not be afraid. List several instances where the Lord told those who were struggling to “fear not.” Was God’s demeanor angry or comforting? Since God never changes, how can we expect Him to minister to when we are fearful? How does He minister when we are struggling with doubt?

Paul tells us in Philippians 3:11 that we should strive to share in Christ sufferings? What causes Christ the greatest grief? How do you respond in your heart to lost and hurting people? How can you cultivate a deeper compassion for those without Christ and for the suffering?