Sunday May 14th – Prayer Pointand Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – May God pour His abundant grace upon all mothers everywhere!

Questions for Reflection:

Four women are mentioned in the Lord Jesus Christ’s lineage in Matthew, chapter 1. What are the stories of these Old Testament women? What things in their lives make each of them an unlikely ancestor of Jesus? What does this tell us about the power and nature of God as it relates to redemption? What does this tell you about the qualifications needed to be used by God?

The spies found refuge in Rahab’s home? Do you think it was  by accident? Why or why not? What insight does Jeremiah 29:13 lend to this account? What does Psalm 37:23 say regarding coincidences? How does that affect you look at seemingly random encounters with individuals that you know and you are praying for?

Read Joshua 2:8-11. What did Rahab conclude about the God of Israel? How did she come to this conclusion. How did this conclusion affect her heart, mind and spirit? In light of Proverbs 9:11, why is this a necessary first step to redemption?

Hebrews 11:31 tells us that Rahab was a woman of great faith. How was this faith demonstrated in her request of the spies? How does Hebrews 4:16 relate to her faith? What can we learn about forgiveness and redemption from her life? What can we learn and apply to our own personal prayer lives?

In addition to pleading for herself, Rahab petitions for the safety of her entire family. What was the response of the spies?  Read Luke 19:9 and Acts 16:31. How do these scriptures affect our faith for our families’ spiritual well-being? How should this influence our prayers for our families?