Sunday April 9th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let us pray that many people will become disciples during this Resurrection Season.

Questions for Reflection:

Read John 12:9-11. For what reason did the people want to see Jesus? What were the 2 responses to seeing Jesus and Lazarus? Read John 11:47-57. What were the reasons the religious leaders plotted against Jesus? What are some of the modern day reasons why people are fearful of accepting Jesus? How does knowing this help you deal will feelings of rejection to your witness? How does this impact the way that you pray for your lost loved ones and share Christ?

On Palm Sunday, the crowds in Jerusalem were convinced that Jesus was the Messiah?  In addition to raising Lazarus from the dead, what other miracles were the people most likely aware of? Based on His reputation, what do you think the crowd’s expectations were of the Messiah? How did His arrest and trial affect their expectations? How should this impact the way we deal with disappointment? How does it affect our counsel to others?

According to Luke 19:10, Jesus’ mission is “to seek and to save the lost.” How did the rejection of the crowd affect His mission? How do we know? How do you feel after you have gotten angry with or doubted God? What comfort does Jesus’ intercession for the crowd give you? Why?

Jesus said in Matthew 10, “. . . Freely you have received; freely give.” What is the greatest gift of God that you have received? What responsibility do you have to share that gift? How well have you shared this gift? What can you do to better share this gift with others?