Sunday April 16th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let us pray that who accepted Christ this weekend will grow in God’s marvelous grace.

Questions for Reflection:

Several Old Testament scriptures give clues to the identity of the Messiah. One such is Psalm 16:10. What does it say about the Messiah? How does the Resurrection fulfill that scripture? What does this say about the identity of the Messiah? What other things about the life of Jesus fulfill Old Testament prophecy?

Read 1 Corinthians 15:21-23. Why was it necessary for our redemption for Christ to be raised from the dead? What does His Resurrection tell us about our future resurrected bodies? What does it promise regarding our eternal future?

Read Matthew 16:15-17. What is needs to happen in order for people to believe and understand Who Jesus is? Why is this necessary? How does the Father reveal the Son in this present age? How should that affect our prayer and witness to the lost?

The Bible teaches us that sin separates us from the Living God. How does the power of sin keep potential believers from accepting Christ as Lord and Savior? Read Romans 8:12&13. How does this method of overcoming sin differ from the world’s solution to unwanted behavior? How does this scripture affect your approach to dealing with your own sin? How does it influence your counsel to the lost? To other believers?

Some people have difficulty stopping sinful thoughts and behaviors because they enjoy them. One definition of repent is “to change one’s mind.” Read John 16:7-11. How does the Holy Spirit change our perspective on sin?

Read Luke 11:11-13. What are people searching for the power of the Holy Spirit instructed to do? What can they expect?