Sunday March 26th – Prayer Points & Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let us pray that God gives us a stronger heart of love and sacrifice in our relationship with Him.

Questions for Reflection: 

People learn to bargain at a very young age. Sometimes this mindset flows over into our relationship with God. How is this mindset different from the biblical concept of covenant? Would you describe your prayer relationship with God as covenant or bargaining?

 In scripture, God made covenants with many people. Who initiated those covenants in scripture? Who dictated the terms? If you have confessed Christ as Savior, you are in a covenant relationship with the Lord? What are the terms of  your covenant? How does that make you think about your approach to God for daily and special needs?

 When God made covenants with men, what was the nature of the things that He offered to them? What did the men/nations have to offer in return? What are the differences between the two? Why would give so much for so little in return? What does that tell you about the depth of His feelings for you?

Read Matthew 5:41&42. What does this teach us about “making deals” with our fellow man? Have you ever been guilty of giving with “strings attached?” How does that type of behavior bring glory to God? What can we do to avoid giving to others properly?