Sunday November 27th – Prayer Point and Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week – Let us pray that we the Church will stay focused on Christ and His mission during the Christmas season.

 Questions for Reflection:

 In the text above, David intimates that he is thirsty and tired. In what possible ways was he experiencing fatigue? Can you remember a time in your life that you were either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually exhausted? How does this scripture help us to deal with the guilt that we might experience when we have a “crash?”

 What is believed to be David’s circumstances at the writing of this Psalm? How do you think they contributed to his “crash?” What are some of the life experiences that can lead to crashes today? Which of these have you or someone close to you experienced? How did they leave you feeling? Do David’s words make this scripture relatable to you?

 Have you ever felt guilty because you were emotionally/spiritually spent? Reread Psalm 63. Now read Isaiah 40:12. What does this tell us about commonality of experiencing a “crash?” How should we respond when we feel How should we respond when we sense feelings of condemnation over “crashes” coming upon us?

 Fatigue is a common excuse people use to back off from worship and service. In the above text, why is this not acceptable? Have you ever used this excuse to neglect your relationship with God & your ministry? How much easier is it to make excuses once you begin the process?

 What are some of the ways people deal with “crashes” on their own? On average, how effective are they? What does Isaiah 40:31 show us? What does it mean to wait? How often to you out this verse into practice when you feel spent?