This Week’s Prayer Point & Reflection Questions

Prayer Point for the Week As our kids approach the final weeks of school, let us pray they finish strong in their studies and in faith.

 Questions for Reflection

What were the six events of the Day of Pentecost as detailed in Acts 2? Which event do we normally think of when we think of Acts 2? Which event had the most impact and why?

Peter’s message was both encouraging and convicting. What were the encouraging elements of his message? What were the convicting ones? How were they resolved at the conclusion of the message?

This message begins with a promise. What is the promise? How would the promise impact the early church? Can we expect the promise to apply to the present-day church? How do we know?

The message also speaks of unique astronomical signs preceding the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to Earth. What do these signs indicate? Where else in scripture are these signs mentioned? Do they support Peter’s preaching and timeline?

Both God and man have roles in people becoming born-again. What is our role? What is God’s role? How do they work together to give people a genuine opportunity to accept Christ as Savior?