Week of January 3rd – Prayer Point and Questions For Reflection

Prayer Point for the WeekLet us pray that we would understand what it means to be a “living sacrifice” and that we would have a desire to be one every day.
Questions for Reflection

1. Some people teach that God “will make your dreams come true.” What, if anything, is wrong with this statement? How does this statement compare to the life and teachings of Jesus?
2. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the son of God. What does that tell us about the dynamics of His relationship with His Father? How did He live out His “Sonship?”
3. We have been called to surrender our lives completely to God. Why is surrender necessary? How does Christ sacrifice on Calvary relate to being a disciple of Jesus?
4. Make a list of the things that make up your life? Are they completely or partially surrendered to Jesus? What ways can bring ourselves to a place of complete surrender?